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The mission to create change with no compromises

As you might have guessed from the name ‘Circulove’, the concept of circularity was what inspired our company’s journey. Circulove was born out of a desire to do good for people and the planet in a sustainable way. The company was founded in Finland in 2020, by a group of Scandinavian designers, natural cosmetics chemists, beauticians, nurses, and lifestyle professionals who are whole-heartedly committed to the circular lifestyle.

We want to help people in their efforts to live a more sustainable and purposeful lifestyle while enhancing their natural beauty. Our company’s commitment from day one has been to create clean, biotic skincare products with no compromises in efficacy.

It all started with Circularity

As its name suggests, the concept of circularity focuses on cycles instead of the “take-make-waste” model. In such cycles, materials are reused and recycled. This reduces waste as the materials are returned to a useful cycle. Similar to sustainability, circularity takes into account and benefits entire ecosystems, including social, cultural, natural, and human capital.

Circularity holds the key to a purposeful life as one starts making smart choices from the well-being, social, and ecological points of view. You begin taking care of yourself, the people around you, as well as the environment.


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