About Circulove Packaging

What is an airless pump and why did we choose it?

The airless pump is more hygienic and inhibits bacteria from coming into contact with your skin cream. Rather than using a straw design to funnel the product through, our airless pump creates a vacuum that pushes the product up through a plate. The airless pump ensures that your product will stay fresher for longer periods of time. 

Additionally, it ensures the same amount of product gets dispensed every time so there is consistent application. Our products are made with completely fresh ingredients, so it’s important to know how much of it gets dispensed with each use so you can plan accordingly for when you order your next batch.

Partnership with fishermen in Indonesia

Did you know that our bottle is made of 30% Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP)? These pieces of plastic waste are collected by the local Indonesian fishermen from the Java Sea. In our first production batch alone, the fishermen in Indonesia supported by OWP were able to collect 49,286 pieces of plastic. Each of our bottles contain around 5 pieces of plastic waste collected from the ocean. 

Why do we choose plastic over glass packaging?

Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) versus virgin glass

Plastic has always been criminalized, but let us tell you our decision making in choosing plastic over glass. Glass takes a longer period of time to decompose (about a million years) and it is more prone to breaking in shipping. Many brands opt for glass since it has a sleeker look and it is commonly cheaper than plastic. Additionally, glass leaves more carbon footprint than OWP plastic, both in production (mostly virgin materials, high temperature & fossil fuel based production) as well as in ecommerce logistics (much heavier, need for more packaging & fillers because they are fragile). It also requires 70% less carbon monoxide than virgin plastics. Although we opted for the more expensive packaging route, this stuff matters to us! We wanted to choose the option that would be easiest for the consumer to dispose of – this means there’s no need to disassemble the packaging.

Fully recyclable

Oftentimes, plastic packaging comes with a plastic blend or components of the packaging that are recyclable and others components that aren’t. Additionally, most colored packaging cannot be recycled, which is why we opted for a neutral and colorless option to ensure that our packaging never gets denied. 

You can rest assured that our full packaging is recyclable, from the airless pump down to the sticker label. Not to mention our packaging is made from 30% OWP. Recycling should be easy and accessible to the user, so you can dispose of your product in confidence knowing the whole product can be put right in the recycling bin.

Don’t worry about cleaning out the product since the airless pump ensures that you pump out every last drop of the product.


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