Time to upgrade your skincare routine? Skincare Trends in 2021

Skincare 2021 Resolutions

Our tips for the New Year to guide you make smart, healthy and conscious choices to look and feel your best.

“Expect the unexpected” may have been the theme of the year 2020, but we have a good hunch about skincare trends that’ll preside in 2021, so let’s dive in – here’s our top picks:

1. Microbiome-Focused Skin Health
2. Clean Beauty With Transparency In Ingredients
3. Covid Stress Factors: Blue Light And “Maskne”
4. Smart Sustainability

These skincare trends are already built-in the core design, values and functionality of all the Circulove products.

1. Microbiome-Focused Skin Health

The billions of microbes living on you are called the skin microbiome. Optimal skin condition also depends on the probiotic microbes living on and in your skin. Without microbes, your skin can’t perform it’s basic functions and the rate of skin ageing increases sharply. A healthy, balanced microbiome equals healthy, balanced skin.Probiotics and prebiotics are powerful and natural ingredients that help balance your skin microbiome. They’re great for helping your skin get back to it’s happy state – consider them the ultimate skin superfood. Vegan Probiotics and Prebiotics are derived from selected plants through a biological fermentation process. Combining both probiotics and prebiotics is the most effective way to balance the microbiome.Tip: Add vegan probiotic/prebiotic skincare to your daily routine to get your skin back to balance. E.g. our lightweight Circulove CALM Face & Eye Serum suits all skin types. And our water-free Circulove SMOOTH Face Oil is perfect for dry skin.

2. Clean Beauty With Transparency In Ingredients

Do you really know who made your skincare and from where the ingredients are actually coming?Clean beauty and transparency about which ingredients are used in a product will continue to be highly important in 2021. Clean beauty is essentially made without any ingredients suspected to harm human wellbeing. Why would you put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t also eat? The challenge also is that pure and sustainably sourced ingredients are also more costly and makes the product more expensive than traditional mass-produced consumer products.We at Circulove believe in products that have nothing to hide. “NO-lists” are not enough – we need also say YES to the highest quality and purity of oils and ingredients. Being a small European brand, we are able provide traceability on all our ingredients and manufacturing origins on our website. Did you know? EU cosmetics regulation is currently banning over 1,300 toxins to ensure that products are safe for our bodies and the planet vs. only 11 cosmetics ingredients currently banned by FDA in the USA.

3. COVID Stressors: Blue Light And Maskne

Sensitized skin – mostly in relation to constant mask-wearing and/or facing laptop screen’s blue-light radiation – is rapidly increasing. Best way to overcome these issues is to use natural soothing, skin barrier and microbiome protecting ingredients like essential fatty acids, probiotics and antioxidants. Safe mineral-based sun screen is also a better choice for protecting skin from blue light (HEV) from laptops and phones.Tip: Remember also to use moisturizer with a mineral sun screen such as the Circulove DAY SPF 20 – a probiotic moisturizing day cream for all skin types and all ages. Need extra care? Circulove CALM Face+Eye Serum soothes and balances your stressed skin.

4. Smart Sustainability

As global warming is becoming increasingly more of an issue, responsible beauty brands are looking for smarter ways to address sustainability via their packaging, formulations and optimizing their offering to reduce their carbon footprint. We will see the rise of biodegradable or upcycled ingredients and re-cycled materials such as ocean waste plastic and re-fills, just to mention few examples. But smart sustainability means also to giving back to communities. “We strive to do better with real impact on our planet, communities, and people through circular design. We are focusing on clean natural skincare, transparent supply chain, easy recycling, circular loops, upcycling, supporting local fishermen, women cooperative and small entrepreneurs while making probiotic skincare that truly works”, says our founder Päivi Paltola at Circulove.

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Photo credit to Neemias Seara @pexels


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