The Foundation: Circularity

As its name suggests, the concept of circularity focuses on cycles instead of the “take-make-waste” model. In these cycles, materials are reused and recycled. This uses less and reduces waste as the materials are returned to a useful cycle and reused. Similar to sustainability, circularity takes into account and benefits entire ecosystems, including social, cultural, natural, and human capital.

What We Care About

Firstly, we care about your skin. We want you to feel beautiful in your natural skin, using natural ingredients. Our goal is to make a positive impact on both your skin and lifestyle as you learn more about circularity. Unlike many large corporations, Circulove operates on a responsible supply chain and transparent ecosystem that benefits communities and dear Mother Earth which has given us everything we need. This is the essence of true circularity, the new standard of eco-luxury.

Let’s work together to make Mother Earth a better, more livable home for generations to come.

How We Care


We have a part to play in making a positive impact, not just on Mother Earth but also in local communities, and even your life. We have ensured that everyone who is a part of our process is fairly treated and given a better life because of it. We are all responsible for helping each other just as much as we help ourselves, but many forget about helping the planet we live on. She has given us everything so we must take the extra steps to be conscious of how we effect her.


We believe in transparency in our supply chain, ingredients, and even decision making processes. We ensure quality-control through a small-scale and precise production process. You can read about our production process here and our ingredients here. If you want any additional information, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Circulove team!


We are humans too, and we know that we are not perfect. But that is why we are on a lifelong learning journey to create a circular lifestyle. Every action counts, so we are getting better day by day, step by step. We all have to start somewhere, and now is better than ever to join us. Our world as well as ourselves should be our top priority.


We believe in “less is more” and “quality over quantity.” By using time-honoured all-natural fermentation technique we are able to offer a new generation of skincare essentials that focus on natural purity, high efficacy and broad skin compatibility. We offer four multi-functional signature products that can be used alone, together as a complete treatment, or to easily complement your existing skincare regimen. They are also designed as lightweight and durable to easily accompany you anywhere your adventures take you.

Women-Led & Inclusive

Circulove is women led and created. We believe inclusivity is essential to building a world that is better for ourselves and our communities. It should be a given that all people, no matter gender, race, or sexuality should be given equal opportunities without bias. When we help each other, we help ourselves and our planet and that’s what circularity is all about. Only together we can be better.

Commitment To The UN SDG

While creating Circulove, we designed it to aid the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are 17 global goals constructed to be a guideline to a better and more sustainable future for our world. We all should care about the planet that has given us everything, as well as each other. By choosing what and who we work with, we are ensuring our process does no harm, only good for all.

Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP)

Plastic has always been criminalized and mostly for good reasons in the context of meaningless consumption. But let us tell you about our decision making in choosing ocean waste plastic over glass.

Our airless, Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) based and Scandinavian design bottles are specially designed for all-natural skincare products to secure freshness and convenient use (non-breakable, easy-to-go). The non-transparent, airless bottle ensures that ingredients stay fresh & potent, and being non-colored makes it better compliant to all common recycling systems. Compared to typical virgin plastic materials, a massive 74% CO2 savings are realized with OWP (YEC International study, March 2021 for PP5 plastics). It’s one of the most sustainable and carbon neutral packaging solutions available for circular supply chain when considering the material, weight & size for shipping, usage & recycling. 

Production of glass requires a lot of heat energy creating big initial CO2 footprint. It also takes almost infinite period of time to decompose whereas recycling takes more effort with different cap etc material. Glass is also heavier and more prone to breaking in shipping and traveling. Many brands opt for glass since it has more “prestigious” look but is also commonly cheaper than recycled plastic.

Every Circulove Bottle Helps Clean Up The Oceans.

Although we opted for the more expensive packaging route in all packaging we have, this stuff truly matters to us. We wanted to choose the most responsible option that would also be the safest to use and easiest for the consumer to dispose of the packaging – this means there’s no need to disassemble or empty the packaging for recycling. When our product bottle feels empty, it’s really empty. Zero waste with maximum benefits – for you and the nature!


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